Our philosophy

“If You’re Going to Do Something, Do It Right.”

Here at Boulevard, we take pride in what we do, and let the quality of our work be our signature. We believe in doing our best and giving our clients something we are proud of. Nothing leaves our shop looking less than perfect. Our favorite part of every job? Standing back, looking at our completed work, and feeling proud as it leaves the shop.

Our Story

Boulevard started with a dream, a small 24” cutter, a tote full of vinyl and a booth at an indoor flea market in Jacksonville, Florida. Lianne and Joe Lapierre started the business (originally Dayton Signs) in 2003, and spent their nights and weekends learning the trade, and building the company. In 2005, with a degree in Drafting and Design, and an owner of a custom car shop, Joe, and his wife, Lianne decided to move the business to a small town in northern Maine to start a new life.

Boulevard is now home to a 6,000-square foot facility, with a showroom, on Main Street in Limestone, Maine, A 5,000-square foot Fab shop, with an employee gym, 1,200-square feet of sign storage, and a showroom with meeting room in Presque Isle Maine. Boulevard takes great pride in doing all their work, including quality control, right on site. Not only does Boulevard have the latest and greatest embroidery machines, Work House screen printing station, Multiple large format printers, 68” laminator, 48” and 64” vinyl cutters, heat presses, high volume printers, iPad pro drafting stations, state of the art surveillance for helping quality control, but they also have a heated garage capable of wrapping or installing graphics on up to 10 vehicles at once – which makes Boulevard one of the only businesses in northern Maine capable of installing graphics in the dead of winter.

One of the things Boulevard takes pride in, is their dedication to the bleeding disorder community. The entire staff at Boulevard volunteers and fundraises annually for the Hemophilia Alliance of Maine, as Joe and Lianne’s son lives with severe Hemophilia.

Boulevard takes extreme pride in what they do, and continues to keep up with the ever-changing trends and updates to technology, in order to provide our customers with the best products on the market.

Meet the Team

Here are a few of the people that make Boulevard what it is. We all take pride on our work and always do our best.


Joe Lapierre

Founder & CEO



Becky Blodget

Sales Associate





Lead Designer



Lianne Lapierre

Vice President









Marc Luthra





Production Screen Print



Lee Ann Vega

Photography Marketing





Joey Smith